The Mission of the
Monument Builders of the Southwest

“To Improve Memorialization
Through Education of the Membership
And to Increase Awareness of Memorialization
To the General Public”

The Monument Builders of the Southwest is comprised of nearly seventy member firms from Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma. and Nebraska. It is the only professional organization of Monument Builders specific to our region of the country.

While some of the members have large operations, most are smaller family-owned and operated firms who offer their memorials at the retail level to individual customers. In our business bigger is not always better. Our members offer you the individual attention you expect and deserve.

Membership in the Monument Builders of the Southwest sets our firms apart from others who sell memorials. Membership shows prospective customers that we are willing to adhere to the Code of Ethics, that we are proud of the work we do and are willing to share that work with our professional peers. It also demonstrates that we are interested in continually furthering our knowledge of our profession.

If you are interesting in joining the MBSW please contact:
Sammie Peters - Secretary Treasurer
308 Greenleaf Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107
(817) 332-2689